“Clean & Pure lip balm is the best lip balm I have ever used. I have tried the vanilla which was very nice but I especially love the pawpaw.

It is not sticky and gluggy like most lip balms on the market. It does not leave residue on my lips either.

Having a problem with skin cancer, it is essential that I keep my lips hydrated and this is the absolute best product I have ever tried. I will be showing it to my dermatologist.”

Pamela E. / Brisbane

I really enjoyed using the Clean & Pure organic lip balms. I not only liked how the ingredients were all natural, but also that they were iconic Australian products. My favorite flavor was the cocoa butter. I liked how creamy and moisturizing it was, and it healed my chapped lips quickly. I liked the strong peppermint scent of the peppermint lip balm, it was refreshing and cooling on the lips.

Ailin Z

My lips have taken on a variety of products, but Clean & Pure is by far the most natural lip product I’ve ever used. I enjoyed all of Clean & Pure’s three lip balms (peppermint, honey, cocoa butter). The peppermint flavor feels very refreshing on the lips and I like the soft texture. I also like the Manuka honey, great ingredient for the lip balm, the moisturizer effect stays for longer compared to other bands that I’d used before. For cocoa butter, I like it smoothness and gentleness.

It’s good to know that I’m using natural ingredients on my lips, and which I know I will ingest with the next snack I eat.

Florence Y

I enjoyed using the Clean & Pure organic lip balms. My favorite flavor was the peppermint. It is really refreshing and moisturizing at the same time especially in this hot summer.

The cocoa and honey lip balms are moisturizing and have a similar flavor. Overall, the lip balms are of very good quality.

Xiaoxiao L.